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Practice & Experience

I’ve been providing clients with personalized tax preparation and accounting services throughout Los Angeles since 2009. With years of accredited training and expertise in a wide range of fields, no financial issue is too complex for me to tackle. Give your finances the personalized attention they deserve with an accountant to guide you every step of the way!

Experienced Advisors

Tired of organizing all those unattended bills and figuring out why your taxes are so high? Everyone’s accounting needs are different, and I’m here to help you tackle any issues that come up. If you’re looking to get back on track and reach those profitable margins, I can serve as a voice of reason for all of your tax planning and financial advising demands so you can start making smarter decisions today!

Why US?

Ability to Stay

One Step Ahead

The necessity of keeping up to date means it is a job in which I am always learning and stay relevant. In reality, working in tax is dynamic and fast-paced, requiring analytical ability and excellent problem solving and commercial skills. Modern tax professionals must be equipped to communicate effectively and deliver out-of-the-box strategic thinking and a big-picture perspective to compete in an exceptionally competitive market.

Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

I know how time consuming accounting concerns can be, and they all require personalized and detail-oriented attention. Why worry about that when you have me to take that burden off your shoulders? I specialize in a wide range of tax preparation and accounting areas and can handle financial issues quickly and efficiently. Call me and start benefiting from my accounting expertise today.

Meet Burhan Sheikh Jabr

License Holder: Burhan Sheikh Jabr

License Type: Tax Preparer (CTEC) (CA)

License number: #A177682

Valid through 11/01/2022

27 years experienced in Accounting
Train accounting team 

Manage Operations

 Adapt at multi-tasking and making

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